Perspective of a street scene

As we continue our exploration of one-point perspective in Art, Coral class created their own version of a street scene using perspective lines, horizon lines and a vanishing point to centre our work.

5 thoughts on “Perspective of a street scene

  1. the art was about lines of perspective so fires we drew a triangle to make the rode then it was tricky to draw the tree’s state and then the building we had to draw them strat too. I have done more than 20 m on ttrs ms write.
    by: Anisa
    Don’t have a GRATE day.


  2. Dear Mrs Salim,

    At first I was not very confident with lines of prospective but now I absolutely love drawing them.I am really proud of what I was able to achieve in just a few lessons of lines of prospective.

    From Alannah


    1. Hi Alannah, it’s great to hear that you are growing in confidence! I look forward to seeing your artwork once I’m back in school. Best Wishes, Mrs Salim 🌈


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