End of Half Term in Sapphire Class

We have had a very busy last week of term.

We had a brilliant time in the Autumn Sunshine, playing tag rugby.
We are really getting the hang of the rules, and beginning to think strategically.
Joshua made a beautiful Canopic jar. I wonder what is hidden inside?
Thank you to all of our adults, who came in today. We were able to share with you what we have been doing this half term.


1 thought on “End of Half Term in Sapphire Class

  1. Hi, Mr Pabby I am sorry I am full of things that’s why it has been hard to read and comment in my diary, also today I left my diary at school sooo sorry but I really need to get some sleep although I go bed at 7:00 pm or 7:00 pm but year I have been on ruff bumps.


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