Spellings Week Beginning 7/11/22

Practise these spellings, look up the meaning in a dictionary if you do not know the meaning and use each one in a sentence. 2 merits for each person who replies on the blog with interesting sentences.












16 thoughts on “Spellings Week Beginning 7/11/22

  1. I love going to gymnastics competitions and trying out.
    If you do something wrong you get a conscience.
    The decision aroused controversy among the students.
    We’ll revise the schedule to correspond with the school calendar.
    His boss criticised him for his sloppy work habits.
    I am definite that 12×13 is 156.
    I am desperate to go to Disneyland on my birthday.
    I am determined to win my gymnastics competition.

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  2. Jack wanted to enter (and win) the basketball competition at his school.

    Vanessa had a guilty conscience about cheating on her maths exam.

    Mrs R had a severe accident but remained conscious on the journey to the hospital.

    The design of the new house caused controversy amongst the town planners.

    Most children’s clothes correspond to their age.

    The man’s boss would always criticise him for his poor time keeping.

    There’s a well known saying that “Curiosity killed the cat.”

    Michael was definite that the answer to 241 x 286 was 246,475 but to his dismay, he was incorrect.

    I am desperate to finish my spellings, so I can play with my little sister.

    However, I am also determined to finish my spellings, in time for dessert!


  3. In class,when everyone has to ask the question,some people rush like it’s a competition.

    Alexis was very conscious of Xavier studying her and every single move she makes.

    The person that fainted is still very conscious

    The library being closed has started a controversy about reading

    I am in a correspond with my cousins in France and out of London.

    The news had criticised the new prime minster.


  4. 1:At home, with my sister, I won a drawing competition

    2:In the film,”Pinocchio”, Pinocchio’s conscience is a cricket called Jiminy.

    3:My Mother has always told me to be more conscious and self-aware.

    4:Melvin Sneedly, the school brainiac, liked to criticise George and Harold because they were silly.

    5:I revised so hard for my test, I was definite I was going to ace it.

    Ms Miller

    YOU DA BEST EVA!!!!!!!!!!

    By Levi:-)

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  5. I wanted to correspond with my pen pall in France so I sent them a letter about how my year has been so far in year 5.

    ”Yes you’ve really made it definite that you don’t want to go to Sports Day tomorrow” said Lucy, who was annoyed with Kiera for not wanting to go to Sports Day because she loves sports and P.E.

    Mary was determined to finish the race and win the competition, as she was super fast and quite great at this kind of stuff.

    I was frightened, scared and nervous, I was standing right in front of a old, creepy door [which was covered in spider webs], but my curiosity got the better of me and I went in.

    Harry kept searching, he was desperate to find a cure for his best friend, Ron, what he really needed was a wand but his was broken he didn’t know what to do! …


  6. Spelling pt 2

    Curiosity passed a over in the cats head.


    Lots of people are desperate to go to the toilet because they don’t go in there break.

    She was determined that after school she was going to going to the park.


  7. Miss Miller
    I done the spelling separate because from yesterday it said I already had done it when I haven’t
    This is on my mums phone and account

    See you in school🙂


  8. One of the biggest football competitions in Europe is called the European Championship.
    After eating the sweets I was not allowed, my conscience started telling me I would get into trouble.
    The Animal rights controversy continues because some people believe that animals have a soul and right not to be eaten, used for labour and research.
    The way that I will dress will correspond with the weather forecast.
    The teachers will always criticise your work to get the best out of you.
    Her curiosity to find the ending of the story led her to finish the book in one day.
    I was desperate to finish my homework last night, and went to bed 30 minutes late.
    I am definite that 9+10 is 19 but some people say that 9+10 is 21.
    I was determined to win my next gymnastics competition.
    I was conscious that the girl sitting behind me was staring at my hair.

    I hope you like these sentences Ms Salim


  9. There was a lot of competition at the race.

    When I broke the vase I had a guilty conscience.

    When you are sleeping you are not conscious.

    This subject wil cause a lot of controversy.

    I correspond with my Grandpa in Norfolk.

    The teacher will never criticise my work 😉

    Curiosity killed the cat.

    The exact time and date of this occurance is not definite.

    I am desperate to play with my toys.

    I am determined to chill.


  10. I did a gymnastics competition in October.

    My conscience is my moral sense of right and wrong.

    I was conscious of my sister in the bunk above me.

    The monarchy is controversy to many people.

    I have a friend I correspond with.

    people at school sometimes criticise each other.

    Eventually my curiosity took over.

    A definite smile tugged on the corners of my mouth.

    I was desperate to become a rock legend.

    I was determined to Lea run all my times tables.


  11. I went to the swimming competition last week.

    He had a guilty conscience about his desires.

    Although I was in pain, I was conscious.

    The design of the building has caused controversy.

    The carved heads described in the poem correspond to a drawing of a House.

    I got criticise by my mom for not doing my homework.


    I was very definite my friend cheated and turned to a calculator.

    I was very desperate to know how my friend turned to a calculator.



  12. In the city of Melbourne, there was a cricket competition (which was hard) that everyone dreamt of winning.

    The intelligent boy in year 5 had a guilty conscience about not finishing his homework.

    The old lady that was run over by a cyclist, stood up feeling conscious again after the doctors treated her.

    There was a lot of controversy (about the Raheem Sterling’s dive) during the unforgettable Euro 2020 semi-final between England and Denmark.

    The man walking near to me correspond to the description of the master criminal wanted by the police.

    You should wear the clothes you like most and not worry if people criticise you.

    It has always been a curiosity of everyone to find out more about the planet Mars and if there is living species on it?

    I was definite that I was getting a surprise, but it turned out to be a prank.

    The stray cat was desperate to find some food, so he searched around the urban neighbourhoods.

    In Aladdin all of us could see a true vision of Jafar determined to rule Agrabah.


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