Friday 18th November 2022 – Homework

This week in Maths we have been working on using different methods of multiplication and division.

For multiplication we have been using the area models as well as the formal column multiplication. 

In division, we have ben using partitioning and the bus stop method. 

Below are some questions which you can print or copy to practice your Maths work at home:

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7 thoughts on “Friday 18th November 2022 – Homework

  1. 1. Shrivelled: The plum that had been in the bowl for a week was now shrivelled.

    2. Shrewd: Martin Luther King Jr. was a shrewd person because he judged the fact that people were getting treated badly.

    3. Tutankhamun: Tutankhamun was famous because he was crowned at the age of 9 and died from a sudden illness at the age of 17.

    4. Hieroglyphics: The ancient Egyptians found out about hieroglyphics because of the Rosetta Stone.

    5. Tomb: The tomb of a certain Pharaoh had an antechamber, a sarcophagus and canopic jars to hold the organs and brain.

    6. Impressive: “Hm…”, said Mr Rosa, looking at Nate’s picture.”This is really impressive, but I don’t have time for frivolous requests right now”.”Come on!”, said Nate. “I really need to put this in the spotlight frame!”.

    7. Treasures: The treasures of a Pharaoh, such as Ankhenaten, were very rare and valuable.

    8. Symbol: Black Adam’s symbol of strength is a yellow lightning bolt on his chest

    9. Temperature: “Today the temperature in the North east is 96 degrees”, said the weather forecast.

    10. System: The system of the crowning works this way, the first king/queen has a baby and then the baby grows up to be the next king/queen.


  2. Um was this for last week or something I have not done this before. so were we supposed to do it today or last week???
    also, for the year 5 homework, something is wrong with my computer as there is a various cause for me so I can not edit at the moment sorry miss or ms or MR
    from Annie
    have a great day.


  3. ”BOO” my mum screamed at me suddenly, on Halloween and my cat shrivelled into a little ball on the bed.

    The golden, shiny treasures from Ramesses’ tomb lay on the soft, green grass, shimmering and glittering in the sun.

    In Ancient Egypt they used hieroglyphs [Egyptian symbols and pictures] to communicate but sometimes they carved it into rocks.

    As Tutankhamun stood up to greet everyone, his impressive headdress shone in the blazing sun.

    ”Uhr the temperature is really cold now we are in winter!” exclaimed Kitty as she put on her warmest and furriest coat she could find and went outside in the rain.


  4. Hi
    Here are my sentences:

    My skin is always shriveled when I come out of the shower.
    Some say chimpanzees are very shrewd animals.
    Tutankhamun was very famous because he was the youngest pharaoh to reign and his tomb was discovered entirely complete.
    Hieroglyphics were different symbols used in Ancient Egypt to communicate to others, because letters weren’t used at that time.
    Each individual pharaoh would have their own tomb which could contain an entrance, antechamber, annexe, burial chamber, which would contain the sarcophagus, and lastly a treasury room.
    It must have been impressive for the peers in Ancient Egypt, because it would have taken a lot of time and patience for Howard Carter to find the tomb of Tutankhamun.
    The Pharaohs must have had to pay so much shat \ foolos (money) to get their own tomb not a shared one, because less treasures would have been stored.
    On the walls of Ancient Egyptians tombs there were many symbols.
    The temperature in Cairo Egypt is usually 27 degrees Celsius, the precipitation is 1% and the wind is 5mph.
    The hierarchy system in Ancient Egypt goes a little bit like this, pharaoh, government officials, soldiers, scribes, merchants, craftsmen, peasants then finally slaves.


  5. I went to the Artic (but I knew it was going to be cold so) I had to bring very warm clothes because I knew that I would feel shrivelled in the cold.

    I read on the news that a shrewd man had been scamming his customers and he went to jail for 6 months.

    Tutankhamun was the youngest pharaoh, as he was only nine (9) years of age, but he had advisors to help him take important decisions.

    As I discovered Tutankhamun’s tomb, I could see on the tapestry the writing was Hieroglyphs as it was used for the wealthier people.

    Tutankhamun’s tomb was created during his reign. It took long to make the entire tomb because they needed to collect all the materials to put in the tomb for Tut in the afterlife.

    It was a shocking, impressive achievement when Nelson Mandela managed to change the laws separating different races (apartheid).

    Howard Carter has discovered Tutankhamun’s tomb (and all the treasures he took to the afterlife) back in 1922.

    The symbols that were found in Tut’s tomb match perfectly to the hieroglyphs that are studied by scientists.

    The average temperature in modern day Egypt is around 23.18 degrees Celsius (23.18C).

    The water channel system in Ancient Egypt was a productive system to grow more crops in the rich soil.

    My homework about Tutankhamun:

    My maths homework:


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