Spellings for Week beginning 28/11/22

Practise these spelling words, do you know what each words means? Use a dictionary to find out. Then use each word in a sentence. Two merits if you post your sentences.












9 thoughts on “Spellings for Week beginning 28/11/22

  1. Purify. Leviticus had to purify all the water as a punishment for being naughty.

    Solidify. When the asteroid crashed, bugs got caught in a liquidy substance called Amber. Later the amber began to solidify, trapping the bugs inside.

    Intensify. The film began to intensify by the minute and when it finished, I then felt the film sensation

    Glorify. Stormzy made a song called “Blinded By Your Grace” to glorify God.

    Populate. In 2020, the infection Covid 19 began to populate all around the world.

    Activate. When Year 6 used fire to demonstrate the sun’s powerful energy, it was hot enough to activate the fire alarm.

    Equalise. Equalise means to make or become equal.

    Hyphenate. Jessica, who was a straight-A-student, was really good at English and knew how to hyphenate words.

    Motivate. Andrew tried to motivate Anthony to be a good boy so that he could give him more merits from then on.

    Realise. When Antoinette made a bet with Leo that he couldn’t tie his shoe lace whilst standing up, it took him two seconds to realise the prank, but before he could stand up, Antoinette shot him with a paint ball gun.



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  2. The gloomy, cold weather was not helping me to motivate my self to go to school, learn and see my friends today.

    It had surprised me how long it took Edith to realise that we were celebrating her 12 birthday this year.

    In a TV program a boy called Adam had to put his phone in water and wait until the water would solidify so he could drop it 20 m.

    ”Noooo” exclaimed Sam, as his robot he had worked so hard on would still not activate and he would not be able to enter the school inventions fair.

    Our class was split in to 2 groups, we got to choose who was in our group but the problem was that on group had 15 people and one group had 11 so we had to equalise the groups.

    Themes Water purify rain water from a reservoir before they pump it into our homes for us to wash and drink.


  3. My mom will always look at the purify water.

    I love throwing solidify rocks in the water.

    My mom began to intensify when she saw a bug.

    I will always try my best to glorify God.

    China is the most populate country.

    I activated my powers.

    I need to equalise my money.

    I love to hyphenate words.

    I can motivate myself to get out of bed.

    I realise I can not equalise my money in the game.


  4. Purify,I shall purify the water by cleaning it.

    Solidify,I will solidify the water by freezing it

    Intensify, My friend meanly told me in the next chapter of the book ,the room that the detective and suspects were in was going to intensify because one of the suspects were lying and it pointed to the wrong person.

    Glorify,My friend prays to glorify god.

    Populate, I will populate the school by posting amasing stuff about it online.

    Activate, We will activate the machine by pressing the button.

    Equalise, I will equalise the school community by including every one, taking turns and many other things.

    Hyphenate, I was writing the name co- owners then I remembered it was a hyphen.

    Motivate,I will motivate Crystal Palace by cheering for them.

    Realise, I am sorry but you have to realise she is never coming back.


  5. Purify. I dont think my skin is smooth, so I need to purify it.

    Solidify. To solidify playdough you need to leave it for a while.

    Intensify. To intensify the lighting on my phone you need to swipe up.

    Glorify. Glorify me as I walk through the stage (the stage being the walk of shame when your late).

    Populate. Larissa can populate herself because of her school council role.

    Activate. “DONT ACTIVEATE YOUR CLAWS ON MY SKIN” I said in horrible pain

    Equalise. I need to equalise my books at home.

    Hyphenate. I stupidly forgot to hyphenate super-man’s name.

    Motivate. I need to motivate Lemar to STOP TURNING AROUND THE LAUGH AT RAMAYNE.

    Realise. To make Kalise realise im cool i need to impress her…with MAGIC!


  6. The local town has sophisticated systems to purify the water to a high standard.

    To make a safe structure you have to solidify the materials that you use to build it.

    Professional athletes train many hours a day to intensify their preparation before a big competition.

    Jonathan attends the synagogue every week to glorify God that in Judaism is called Yahweh.

    The descendants of the Vikings populate the north of Europe.

    The guards had to activate the fire alarm as there was a fire in the lunch hall.

    It would be right if the government approved a law that equalise the pay of man and women in football.

    You have to hyphenate words that would not make sense on their own and also to show where the root word is.

    Self-respect can be shown when you treat yourself in a good way and you also motivate yourself.

    I start to realise that some myths and legends in life aren’t as true as people want you to believe.


  7. Purify. I had to purify the water because it was dirty.
    Solidify. I wanted a cold drink, so I had to solidify the water because
    Intensify. I had to intensify the battle to intimidate my opponent.
    Glorify. We had to glorify the gods because they made my uncle survive a car crash.
    Populate. We had to populate the chart as it was empty.
    Activate. I wanted to activate my TV as I was bored.
    Equalise. I had to equalise the food on our plates as it was unfair.
    Hyphenate. I had to hyphenate my surname to represent both sides of my family.
    Motivate. My friend needed to be motivated because he was sad.
    Realise. Please realise I am busy with my homework so I can’t play XBOX with you.


  8. To purify water in the wild, you can use a sock.
    The water has to solidify before you can make ice sculptures.
    Turning up the oven will intensify the heat.
    Christians glorify God.
    Emperor penguins populate Antarctica.
    If you break into my room ,you will activate my alarm.
    The football team need to score 1 more goal to equalise the match.
    I can hyphenate words.
    I need to think positive to motivate myself.
    I must realise I am dreaming at a point in time.


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