Week 4 Home Learning

Answer these questions below, you can reply to the post with the correct answers or write your answers down and bring them into school. 3 merits for everyone that attempts this week’s Home Learning.

Maths: Fractions

This week we have been continuing our Fractions Unit. We have learned about equivalent fractions and dividing with remainders, recording the answer as a mixed fraction.

English: Greek Myth Creative Writing

Ancient Greek myths often included a magical beast and a hero. The hero would usually complete a

journey in order to defeat the beast, often with help from the Gods. The hero often had a flaw, as all

humans do — sometimes they would be punished or taught a lesson for this by the end of the myth.

Draw and label your own Ancient Greek mythological beast.

Complete a fact file about your beast. Answer the questions to create a fact file.


Where does it live:

Special features:


How to kill it:

Science: Space

Orbits of the Planets

Remember the further a planet is from the Sun, the longer it takes for the planet to orbit around the Sun.

Put the list of orbit lengths in order. You can write them down or reply to this post with the correct answers.

88 days, 1.9 years, 84 years, 165 years, 29.5 years, 225 days, 365 days, 11.9 years

Which planets have an orbit that is shorter than Earth?

Which planets have an orbit that is longer than Earth?

How much longer does it take Neptune to orbit the Sun compared to Earth?

How much quicker does Mercury orbit the Sun compared to Earth?

Challenge Question
Imagine that scientists have discovered another planet in our Solar System that is
further away from the Sun than Neptune. How would you expect this newly-discovered
planet’s orbit length to compare to Neptune’s? Give an estimated orbit length and a
detailed explanation of your answer.


Practise your handwriting on a sheet of paper.

Remember to:

Sit correctly with both feet on the floor and leaning slightly forward.

Use the correct tripod grip.

Always start on the line.

Write this, remember to focus on your ascenders and descenders, making sure all of the letters are a consistent size and descenders are correctly joined.


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