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Home Learning Spring 2 Week 6

Over this half term choose any of the above activities. Use your research skills to find out all about the Victorians and bring your work into class on the first day back.

You can create a project, fact file, poster or any other piece of work that shows how much you have learnt!

Have a great holiday,

Year 5 team


Forces- water resistance!

In science, we learned how we can reduce the force water resistance. We concluded that the best water resistant animals were streamlined, and designers have used animal shapes to create planes, trains and other vehicles.

We tried to make streamlined boats, and timed how long they took to cross the water tray, when being blown by a fan.

Ask how we designed our boats, and what design we used to ensure they were streamlined.

Athens vs Sparta

On Monday Year 5 were divided into Athenians and Spartans. Those who wanted to live in Athens enjoyed a quiet painting session against the background of the type of music that would have been played in Ancient Greece.

Those who chose to live in Sparta took part in exercise designed to prepare them for life in the Spartan Army.