Times Tables

Times Tables:

Times tables are such an important part of maths in primary school – they come in to so many other parts of the curriculum! By the end of Year 4, children are expected to know their times tables. However, it is good to regularly practise times tables or to catch up on learning them if we’re not feeling too confident yet.

Times Table Rockstars!

One of the best places to practise times tables is on Times Table Rockstars! The school pays to subscribe to the service and all children have been provided with login details so they can access the game (contact your class teacher if these details have been forgotten or lost)..

On Times Table Rockstars, children can practise their times tables by picking their own Rockstar, then playing games to collect coins and upgrade their character. Children can also challenge others and play online against other schools!

Login here! https://play.ttrockstars.com/

Times Table Rockstars

Times Table Games:

Here are some other games you can play to practise times tables:




Times Table Songs:

Or if you find it easier to remember a song, try these!