Books you are reading at home

Good morning, Year 5!

Each week we will be posting on the blog where you can react and comment about a story you are reading at home. There will be a few prompt questions to think about but feel free to leave a comment at some point during the week saying what you are enjoying about the book and who you would recommend the book to (remember to include the title so others can see what book you’re talking about!

Prompt questions:

  1. Where is the book set? Is it set in the real world or somewhere else?
  2. What genre is the book? How do you know?
  3. Use three words to describe the main character of the story.

For example: Over the past week I have been re-reading the Harry Potter series of books. I love reading these books as they are a way of escaping from what feels like a pretty hectic world at the moment! The Philosopher’s Stone is set in Hogwarts (mainly!) but has parts of our normal world included in it. One of my favourite parts of the book is when Harry walks through the ‘portal’ to Platform 9 and three quarters and enters the magical world. I know that Harry Potter is a fantasy fiction novel because it is not a factual book and is set in a magical world which does not exist (although I like to think it does somewhere!). Three words that I would use to describe Harry are adventurous, brave and humble (he doesn’t like the spotlight).

Comment your reaction to a book you’re reading at home or answer some of the questions in the comment section below!

Mr. Martin