Weekly Spellings Autumn 1 Week 7 & Autumn 2 Week 1

PLEASE NOTE: we will soon be 'moving' handing out the different weekly Spellings list (for homework & learning) to the Seesaw app. Your class teacher has set up a new 'class' and all pupils should create NEW logins and rejoin the app, as soon as possible. Eventually, spellings will no longer be posted on this… Continue reading Weekly Spellings Autumn 1 Week 7 & Autumn 2 Week 1



Please watch this video to recap what we have learnt in class: https://www.khanacademy.org/math/arithmetic/arith-review-multiply-divide/x18ca194a:multi-digit-multiplication/v/intro-to-standard-way-of-multiplying-multi-digit-numbers?modal=1 Remember, multiplication is all about learning your times tables! Practice, practice, practice!!! I promise you that you will find the work MUCH easier when you are confident with all of your times tables. Here are TWO multiplication charts. The first one is… Continue reading Multiplication