Spellings week beginning 31/10/22

Practise these spellings, look up the meaning in a dictionary if you do not know the meaning and use each one in a sentence. 2 merits for each person who replies on the blog with interesting sentences.












27 thoughts on “Spellings week beginning 31/10/22

  1. The school kitchen cooks different menus to accommodate for all children’s allergies.
    To make a song you will need a great musical accompany for a massive hit.
    According to studies the human body is 70% water.
    Anyone can achieve what they set their mind to if they believe in themselves.
    Boxers and wrestlers look aggressive when fighting.
    In Fifa 22 the easiest mode is called: “amateur mode”.
    Ancient Egypt was a scary, eerie time when Pharaohs ruled.
    I just became upset for no apparent reason.
    You should always appreciate wonderful parents in life.
    I am attached to the awesome people living with me.


  2. What I like most about Ancient Greece are the mythical creatures.
    He was an amateur footballer but he hoped to become professional one day.
    In order to achieve my two merits, I need to write some interesting sentences for my spellings.
    The aggressive Minotaur liked to feed upon human sacrifices.
    Every day, I try to dress according to the weather report.


  3. Accommodate
    You should always try to accommodate homeless people.

    I will accompany you to the party.

    According to my calculations you should be better in no time.

    You can achieve lots of things in life.

    Hippos are quite aggressive.

    Not knowing how to spell thing is an amateur mistake.

    The pyramids are ancient.

    It’s apparent Lilah’s having a nap

    Don’t get attached to that ball.


  4. The staff was exited to accommodate the visitors at the hotel.

    The puppy was sure to accompany the owner.

    According to scientists longer break leads to longer to better physical education and much more!

    The Karen was being aggressive against the staff.


  5. According to my calculations, if we leave for school at 8:20 and we arrive at school at 8:40, it takes 20 minutes to walk from our house to school.

    He started yelling and throwing things in the classroom for no apparent reason.

    I really appreciate all the hard work school staff go through to help children learn and have a brighter future.

    She was really attached to the balloon so when it popped she started crying.

    When we were playing in the park someone came in with a huge, aggressive dog.

    Ancient Egypt was a time where Pharaohs rules over the land and great pyramids were built.

    The school was large enough to accommodate 20,000 children.

    Bodyguards had to accompany Ruby Bridges on her way to school so she wouldn’t get hurt or attacked by people.

    If you try hard you will always achieve your dreams no matter what.

    The amateur footballer hoped that one day they could play with the England team.


    1. hi there, Ms Write I have done the spelling for d today [Monday. So now I am moving on to my timetables because I have already written in my diary from last week and today {monday 31st October}. I have also practised my spelling for this week.
      I hope I have reached your expectations,
      don’t have a good day have a GRATE day.
      BYE 😁😁☺️☺️😊🤣🤣😂😌😌🤭

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  6. Bradley is attached to his PS4, but when he’s told to come off it he gets aggressive.

    According to my Mum you can achieve great things by trying your hardest.

    I appreciate my Mum’s cooking, she is basically an amateur chef.

    I accompany my friend Judah to a club outside of school every Wednesday.

    It is apparent that I am working hard on my spellings.

    I am currently reading a book about a stolen piece of ancient art.

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  7. The cottages accommodate up to six people.

    The two sisters were to accompany us to London.

    He achieved his ambition to become a press photographer.

    He’s very uncooperative and aggressive.

    I don’t know if being called amateur is an insult.

    My friend loves Ancient Egyptians.

    For no apparent reason she laughed.

    I really appreciate my mum for giving me very luscious food.

    I’m always attached to my bed when It is the morning.


  8. My house can comfortably accommodate up to four people.
    I asked my friend if she could accompany me to the birthday party.
    I am attached to my Nintendo Switch, as it is great fun to play on.
    I appreciate my good friends for being there for me.
    It is apparent that my little sister is drawing some blossoming trees.

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  9. He was attached to his new toy because it could do many amazing tricks.

    I will accompany you so you won’t be nervous.

    She was being aggressive when she stomped up the stairs.

    As long as I work hard I will achieve my goal.

    According to legends Ancient Egypt was ruled by the Pharaohs.


  10. ” We can accommodate you at The Lion Hotel ” said Miss Lions, the manager of the hotel enthusiastically.

    ”Today, a new boy from France called Louis, will accompany us to see if he likes our class, Coral Class!” exclaimed Ms Salim proudly.

    ” According to my calculations, that answer is extremely wrong and totally incorrect” explained William Wong in his very high voice and his little round glasses.

    Betty, the skilful gymnast, is really hoping to achieve a medal at the Olympics Games, where she will be competing on beam, floor, bar and volt.

    When my dog doesn’t get any sleep or food for a night he can get very cranky and aggressive.

    My friend’s auntie loves to sing and dance, she does an amateur dramatics for a living, she lets us come and see her shows for only £5 because we are friends!

    My Gran is 81 and people might think she is 65, she doesn’t look ancient at all, I think she looks really good for her age.

    ‘Yes you’ve made it apparent, I have to go to school today’ said Judy to her mother when she pretended to be ill.

    I appreciate your offering for me to go to the Olympics to run the 100m but I need to look after my brother.

    Mia had attached her dog to the fence but it still pulled the lead free and was free to roam.

    Hope you enjoy these sentences Ms Salim. Lexie


  11. It was very unfortunate that the hall could not accommodate all the invited guests.

    Mr Right needed to accompany the children to the park to make sure they all got there safely.

    According to the time on my watch I was 5 minutes early for school.
    Although I dislike swimming, I think
    one day I will achieve a gold medal.

    The monster became very aggressive towards Timmy because he had marshmallows in his back pockets.

    Tom was an amateur at reading.

    There was an ancient temple in Egypt that we visited while on holidays.

    It is apparent that Cayden dislikes swimming because he gets upset before each swimming lesson.

    I appreciate my family because they are the best!

    I attached two magnets together for my Science experiment.


  12. To the man’s disappointment, there were no available seats left for the flight to Cairo, Egypt.

    The average time you’re expected to play on Times Table Rockstars is ten minutes per day.

    The police asked the suspect, Miss S, some very difficult and awkward questions to find out who had robbed the bank.

    Mrs Buttons managed to get a good bargain on a whiteboard, so that she could teach her year 1 class.

    When he came home from school, Michael discovered he had a bruise on his knee from playing his favourite sport, football.

    In the Guinness World Records, you can win awards in many different subjects, my favourite category being video games.

    Amanda was scared of ghosts and phantoms and believed that they liked to lurk in the eerie cemetery near her house.

    The government formed an energy committee to deal with the constant electricity shortages across the city.

    After being sentenced to prison for 10 years, the man was forbidden to communicate with his relatives or friends.

    By working together, the small village community soon flourished and grew into a bustling city environment.


  13. 1. The advert said,”Sainsbury’s has toy brands like Lego, Barbie, Paw Patrol and more to get ready for Christmas now same price as Aldi!”

    2. My favourite film,”Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” comes under the category of coming of, mythical creatures and martial arts.

    3. On a cold Halloween night, the moon was high in the sky and the zombies arose from their graves in the cemetery.

    4. The committee of agents had to find out who the culprit of the missing sweets in the school was.

    5. At South Norwood leisure centre, people from the local community go to exercise. learn how to swim and have fun.

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  14. Gymnastics is only available on Wednesday and Tuesday I school.

    (sorry I pt it on this post I couldn’t find the other comments for the words


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  15. “Hello,what would you like to order?”
    “I’ll like to order something that is available to buy”.

    “Can I say the average amount?”

    It was awkward when I waved to someone who waved at the person behind me.

    I had a bargain with my brother,so I did not snitch.

    I fell asleep on the sofa and woke up with a bruise on my face.

    “I don’t what a category is”.
    “It’s like a theme, so like on Roblox there’s genres and categories”.

    I’ve never had been in/to a cemetery,in my life.

    We’re waiting for recommendations for how we are doing the committee.

    “You need to communicate with a loud and confident voice”.

    Lots of the environmental community have been picking up rubbish from the ground to save the environment and our lives


  16. You should communicate to an adult when someone has cyber bullied you or just bullied you.

    “Ooh, 2 for 1 for this book, I might buy that, it’s a very good bargain” said Ryan’s dad enthusiastically.

    After I fell out of a tree, I had quite a large bruise on my chin and my knee, it hurt a lot.

    The gymnast landed in an awkward position for her dismount and twisted her ankle.

    Tony Adams did a very average dance on Strictly Come Dancing but he still got through to the quarter final.


  17. Hello, here are my sentences

    There were no rooms available in the school for the committee to hold a meeting this week.
    “On average how many steps do you take a day?”
    I went to bed and when I woke up there was a bruise on my foot.
    How do you celebrate black history month in your community?
    The game I played at school today doesn’t fit in any category.
    Last week,I visited my great grandparents grave at the cemetery.
    Do you know how dolphins communicate with each other.
    I went shopping and I picked up a few good bargains in the sale.
    I was put in an awkward position when I got told off by a friend but I managed to handle it well.



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